Acid Wheels - Type A "Shrooms" Side Cuts (Shrooms)

$35.00 USD


Elevate your setup with Acid's Mushroom 54mm 99a skateboard wheels! The middle-of-the-road diameter lets you get up speed without compromising your board's flipability, Roll over rougher surfaces while still providing plenty of slide power in the 99A or 101A duros. Teal-and-pink mushroom graphics on the sides of the wheels lend them a splash of mycelium-inspired flair, so you can keep your setup looking naturally neat.
  • Type A Formula
  • SC Shape (side cut)
  • Set of 4 wheels
  • Diameters from 52mm to 54mm
  • Width 33mm (53mm and under)
  • Width 34mm (54mm and above)
  • 99A & 101A Duros