2001 Skateboard Magazine

$17.50 USD

2001 is a large-format, 11-inch by 14-inch, 172 page semi-annual print publication founded by photographer Sam Muller. Think of us as a mix between a magazine and a coffee table book. We print on the finest quality paper we can find to ensure the best output for the art and photography we feature.

The mission of 2001 is to showcase the highest levels of skateboarding in a refreshing and artful way. We rely on photography, design, and thoughtful writing to tell our story. We want our viewers to feel like like they’re crammed into the back of the van, or pushing through the streets with us.

With two issues per year, we have time to pause, reflect, and explore new ideas to construct something that is uniquley ours. Each issue has a print run of between 500 - 1000, with around 4000 copies of the first 5 issues in circulation today.

Many of skateboarding’s brightest stars, such as Grant Taylor, Kader Sylla, Lizzie Armanto, Diego Najera, Tony Hawk, Spike Jonze, Elijah Berle, Louie Lopez, Ishod Wair, Tyshawn Jones, Nora Vasconcellos, Tom Knox, Tiago Lemos and more have been featured in the pages of 2001.

Our contributors span the entire landscape of skate media and beyond - from Greg Hunt and Oliver Barton to South Park’s Eric Stough and Barbara Kruger, we feature a wide variety of viewpoints.

A portion of our profits have been donated to The Skatepark Project, Tony Hawk’s foundation focusing on building skateparks in underserved communities.



Issue #6 In NOW!

Catch up with Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales, Sam Narvaez, Marisa Dal Santo, Davonte Parsha, and Cyrus Bennett, spend some time in the new San Francisco, learn from the moms of some of skateboarding’s brightest stars, flip through 70+ pages of beautiful photography and more.

14 x 11 inches (36cm x 28cm)
170 pages